The library being the fountain head from which stream of knowledge flow, the college has a well equipped library that is constantly updated with books, journals, magazines and newspapers. Photocopying facility is also available to assist students.
    Mr. Mantok Konyak
    Mr. Mantok KonyakLibrarian
    Mr. Mantok Konyak
    Mr. Mantok KonyakLibrarian
    Qualification - MLISc (NET). Reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 7005023699.

    Ms. Moanaro Sangtam
    Ms. Moanaro SangtamStorekeeper & Attached to Librarian
    Ms. Moanaro Sangtam
    Ms. Moanaro SangtamStorekeeper & Attached to Librarian
    Qualification - B.A.

    Rules and Regulations for Library

    1. The rules are intended to regulate the use of the Library resources and will be revised periodically to meet changing needs.
    2. Library working hours: 9:00 AM to 3:00PM (Monday to Saturday). The Library will remain closed on 2nd and 4th Saturday and on the college specified holidays.
    3. Eligibility to use:
      1. Each and every person who wishes to use the library must apply and get admitted as a member of the library.
      2. College Library is open for the following categories of users:
        • Faculty & Staff of Sao Chang College
        • Students of Sao Chang College
    4. General Condition of hours:
      1. All materials issued on loan will have to be return or renewed on or before expiry of the due date.
      2. If they are not returned or renewed, overdue charges as per the schedule will become payable. Payment of overdue charges cannot be waived except in exceptional circumstances with the sanction of the competent authority.
    5. Duration of Loan and Overdue Charges:
      CategoriesNo. of BooksLoan PeriodsOverdue Charges
      Teaching Staff5 books3 monthsRs. 10 p.d.per book
      Non-Teaching Staff2 books15 daysRs. 5 p.d.per book
      Student3 books7daysRs. 5 p.d.per book
    6. Loss of Library Card:
      1. Loss of Library card should immediately be reported to the Librarian for replacement.
      2. Even if duplicate card is issued the member will continue to be responsible for any loss arising from the inadvertent or misuse of card in this regard.
    7. Loss of Books:
      1. Loss of books issued shall be reported to the Library immediately.
      2. Loss of Library books should be replaced with the same books.
      3. If the borrower is unable to replace the lost book,recovery of the cost of the lost book will be made on the basis of current price of the book & overdue charge, if any. Further, in case the current price of the particular book is unknown double of the recorded price will be charged in addition with overdue.
    8. Reference & Periodical Section: Reference books, rare books, unbounded periodical & any other expensive or otherwise precious materials will not be issued but will be kept apart in the reference section of the library for on spot use by the members.
    9. General Library Etiquette:
      1. All the members of the library are requested to produce library card ,if required.
      2. Library card is not transferable.
      3. Visitors shall enter details in the log book during the entry and exit.
      4. All the members and the library staff are requested to observe complete silence inside the library.
      5. No user shall deface the library books by tearing,underlining, scribbling notes etc.
      6. The borrowers are instructed to check the books at the time of borrowing. Any damage or mutilation at the time of return shall be the sole responsibility of the borrower.
      7. Except for notebooks & writing materials, no other personal belonging will be allowed inside the library.
      8. Edibles are not allowed inside the library.
      9. Boys and girls should occupy their specified chambers inside the reading room.
      10. Result of library defaulter will be withheld until they obtain no due certificate from the Librarian.
    10. General:
      1. Users found violating any of the library rules consistently will be reported to the competent authority for necessary action.
      2. Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, the decision of the authorities in Library matters shall be final and binding on all members.
    11. Special Powers: The college librarian shall have the power to refuse the issue of books or recall any books from borrower if it deem necessary in the interest of the college.

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