The Sao Chang College Teacher's Association (SCCTA) was established with the sole aim of addressing the needs and welfare of the teachers and to cater to the needs of the college in whatever capacity deemed fit. The association is affiliated to All Nagaland Government College Teachers Association (ANGCTA) and is manned by three office bearers namely President, General Secretary and Treasurer for a tenure of 2 (two) years. The association deputes two members as a representatives of ANGCTA in every tenure. The members get registered in the association by paying a registration fee which is 1% (variable) of his/her one month salary and amount to Rs. 300 (variable) collected as annual membership fee from the regular teachers and Rs 100 (variable) from the contractual (fixed) teachers. The amount collected is kept in the teacher's welfare fund where as the members can avail it in the form of loan. The income generated this way is utilized in various charity works in the form of demise of members or his/her family members, wedding, transfer, wedding, illness, retirement etc. In order to realize the aims and objectives of the association and to foster deeper sense of fraternity a general meeting used to convene among all the members time and then.

    SCCTA, Office bearer for the tenure May 2019 to April 2021

    Year of joining the college
    Mr. Dipak Nath, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
    Ms. Temjentula, Assistant Professor, Department of Education
    General Secretary
    Mr. Mantok Konyak, Librarian

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